Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when I get the error message “This is not your primary device.”?

A Shield Basic subscription/licence is for one device only. If you attempt to login to your Shield Basic account from a different device, you will receive this error message. If you wish to transfer your licence to another device, go to the subscription page on this website and login as a member. Once logged in, you will see an “Update Device” button. Click it and use your new device to access Shield Basic. This will complete the licence transfer.

Important: If you’re using a mobile device to access the “Update Device” button, you may have to tilt your phone horizontally to see the button.

If you wish to have two or more accounts to access the application on multiple devices, you will be required to create a separate account for each device. Each account will require a valid email address.

I’m having trouble login into Shield Basic. What should I do?

  • Make sure the Caps Lock is turned off.
  • Some devices automatically default the first character in a text field in upper case.  If this is happening make the appropriate change during logon.
  • If you can’t remember your username/email for logon, use the contact us feature on this website and send a message to the support team.  They will be able to assist you on locating the email you used to create your account.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the subscription page on this website and at the bottom click “Forgot your password?”  Enter your email that you used to create the Shield Basic account and push “submit”.   This will send you an email with the password.

Important: It is possible that the password recovery email can go into your junk/spam folder.

The Shield Basic Application is missing some content such as some of the Provincial Acts or the Criminal Code. What should I do?

This happens when the download/update was interrupted or the internet connection was lost during the update.  Uninstall and reinstall the application when in a good internet zone, preferably WiFi.

My phone and the Shield Basic application is acting weird. What should I do?

If too many applications are open, it can slow down your device and cause applications to not work properly.  Try closing down other applications and if needed reboot your device.

My police service has issued its members cell phones to use while working the road. Is a corporate edition available?

Yes. Shield Technologies developed several versions of the Shield Basic app for corporate customers. Have your police service contact the Shield Basic team for further details and enterprise pricing.

Is it possible to have my police services bylaws and contacts added to Shield Basic?

Yes, it is possible. If a police services wishes to equip their members with Shield Basic, the bylaws, contacts and policies can be loaded into the application. Have your police service contact the Shield Basic team for further details. Enterprise pricing is available.

I can’t find Shield Basic in the App Store or Android Market. What should I do?

  • Confirm that you have a supported device.  Visit the Information page on this website for further details on supported devices.
  • Only phones with Canadian carriers can locate the application in their respective App Store.  American carriers are currently not supported.